Seslendiren: Ant Balcı
Ant Balcı

Lay Me On You Breath (Söz)

I've travelled overseas for the one that was mine
İ rowed many years flying back through in time
İ walked in the desert sun i faced the cold northern breeze
İ killed myself agian just to get A single kiss

İ don't feel allrignht when i hide things to say
İ can't let my self keep it in so i pray
For you to get out of diaries and take me out
Confess you all my hate to feel free as god

Lay me on your breathe
Lay me on your breathe
Lay me on your breathe
Swimming to your lieing lips drawning in your brutal looks

Enchanted by your looks, i was the biggest fool
The wildest throny rose, you were so beautiful
Endured your punishments, wicked games, cheeky tricks
İ was your baby doll, A dirty bug you could flick

You made up stinking lies, looking right to my face
İ could do nothing when you hid your evil with your grace
You botched my sunny days, you wasted all your hate
Life would be never same again after the things i paid

You owe me A broken heart
Grudge surging down inside
Lay me on your breathe
Help me to give an end

Lay me on your breathe
You're everything i ever had
Lay me on your breathe

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