Seslendiren: Ant Balcı
Ant Balcı

Tv Icon (Söz)

For years i've been thinking
İt's all there in the tv screen
Ads of wealthy living
And happy childeren playing

İt's all about to sell you A shit
Rating percentage feeds their greed
All they want is your blood
All they want is all you've got

We've let them break in our boring lives
We witnessed murders from millon miles
Reality shows has dried our soul
Just can't drop off remote control

İ've covered my eyes with my hands
Dicgracing themselves for A few pence
İ know none of us is strong
To rise it up and throw it to ground

İ'm sick of all that you make people watch
Uhf visions lack of thought
İnvade our rooms to waste our life and soul
So, i don't know what to say for your sick
Understanding of humanity
Lots of noise but so few thought found in there

You tell me just A word me to not
Call you as A new kind of slut
Begging us to give her more drawning in her own lust
And, as you killed evertything that we had
Now it's the time to make us persuade
Any of your religion so please, end this torture

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